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If you don't know where you are going, you are in the wrong boat!

War weighs heavily on the world now. Over 110,000 have been killed so far in Syria, spilling over into Lebanon, unrest in Egypt, struggles in Iraq, Muslim genocide by Muslims in the Darfur region of the Sudan, incessant killings in Pakistan, warlords rule in Somalia, and there is no end of fighting in Afghanistan. Yet the barbarism in these areas is probably not so bad compared to the organized terror of the Boko Haram (Western education is forbidden) movement in Nigeria and Niger. Even non-Muslim countries, such as the U.S. and Russia, are threatened to be pulled into taking sides on which Muslims should kill other Muslims. Western Muslims say that the word "Islam" means peace, but some non-Muslims might wonder if they are just trying to tell a joke, - except that no one is laughing. While we are not Muslims, we are deeply saddened by this sorry situation, that devoutly violent Muslims are doing this to each other.

Make no mistake, the Muslim hadiths are clear; if a Muslim kills another Muslim, both of them go to Hell! No two Muslims kill each other except that both are in Hellfire. (Ibn-i-Majah vol.5 book 36 no.3963,3965 p.296,297; Sahih Muslim vol.4 book 41 no.7172-7173 p.1554; Bukhari vol.9 book 83 no.1,5,7,8 p.1,3,4. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 book 1 no.46 p.26.) These seems like very important words of Mohammed for a Muslim today to disregard. But the events around the world suggest that these violent Muslims are not content to send themselves and others to Hell; they seem like they are trying to make a Hell on earth! Why is it that it seems the safest place to build a mosque these days is in a non-Muslim country. Violent Muslims should be ashamed!

A second thing violent Muslims seem to have forgotten is that if a Muslim commits suicide, the hadiths categorically say they are going to Hell. (Bukhari vol.7 book 71 no.670 p.450-451; Sahih Muslim vol.1 book 1 no.201 p.62; Sunan Nasa'i vol.2 no.1969 p.496. Ibn-i-Majah vol.5 book 31 no.3460 p.16; Bukhari vol.8 book 77 no.603-604 p.393-395; Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 book 6 no.1526 p.409; al-Tabari vol.7 p.135-136). So why would many in the Muslim world, who would not suicide bombers themselves, pay honor and respect to those who, according to their own religion, suffer the wrath of Allah in Hell? Have they forgotten what Islam says in the hadiths?

And a third thing many (though not all) Muslims seem to have failed to remember is that the hadiths teach that those who ascribe lies or false things to Mohammed have hellfire reserved for them. (Bukhari vol.2 book 23 no.378 p.212-218; Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 book 1 no.30-37 p.17-18). So when an aspiring suicide bomber is told that he will go to heaven and get 72 virgins, he is being lied to, when the hadiths say he is going to hell. The person who is telling these lies to a suicide bomber is going to Hell too, according to the hadiths of his own religion.

The Qur'an does actually allow people of the book (Jews and Christians) to continue to worship in Muslim countries if they pay the extra jizya tax. Yet lost in all this news in is the destruction of at least 84 churches in Egypt by the "pro-democracy" Muslims in the last few weeks. Muslims don't even follow their own rules regarding others. Read more on this here.

So what else does Islam say? I don't mean inventions that are called Islam by some people today, but the Islam of Mohammed, of the Qur'an and the hadiths? This web site provides extensive documentation from the Qur'an, hadiths, and early Muslim historians of what they really taught. It should be emphasize that many Musims are not violent, strictly-adhering Jihadists, but are peaceful people and good citizens. But regardless of whether you are a strict Jihadist Muslim, a peaceful Muslim or a non-Muslim, we hope and pray that you would see the original Islam for what is really is; a violent corruption and counterfeit of truth. Instead of Mohammed and Islam, look to Jesus, the prince of peace, and learn what is like to have peace within, peace with others, and above all, peace with God.

But killing people in the name of religion is wrong, no matter who is doing it. Unfortunately, recent events in the Central African Republic have been very evil. After Muslims tried to take over the country, and looted and killed and raped, and their hadiths permit them to do, they were defeated. Then Christians and other non-Muslimss started massacring Muslims in retaliation. This should stop, because this is evil, and what Satan woudl want theem to do; not Jesus. Jesus taught us not to get revenge, but to love our enemies. It is good that some Christian churches in the Congo have harbored Muslim refugees, but it is a sad and evil thing that people claiming to be Christians in the Central African Republic, are acting the exactly opposite of what Jesus taught.

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