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Jesus & Mohammed Jews Jihad Law Meat Night Journey Qur'an Persecution
Refutations Revelation Science Threats Torment Wealth Women Zul Qarnain

  The Path of the Righteous  
  Meditation on Light  
  The Path of the Righteous  
  19 Reasons Why Many Honorable People Don't Want to Be Muslims  
  Deception in Islam  
  Facts vs. Revelations in the Qur'an  
  Does Islam Improve Christianity?  
  Why I am not a Muslim  

  Assassinations Ordered by Mohammed     Muhammad's Peaceful (non)Assassinations of (non)Victims  

  What the Qur'an Says About the Bible  
  Verses to Share with Muslims  
  The Trinity  
  The Fatherhood of God  
  Jesus is God (and Lord)  
  Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus  
  Muhammad or Jesus like Moses?  
  Test the Spirit  
  How Christ fulfills the Old Testament (Mt 5:17-20)  
  How Christians Benefit from the Old Testament  
  Promise and Fulfillment in the Bible (How it differs from Qur'anic abrogation)  
  Jesus in Messianic Bible Prophecies  
  A Brief Explanation of the Trinity  

   The Night Journey in Sura 17     Zul-Qarnain and the Setting Sun in Sura 18:85-86  

Dialogue with a Saudi Muslim (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10)

A Heart fo Eternity Meditation on Light

God is Hospitable Intriguing Implications of Hospitality

  Insulting and Threatening Jesus and Muhammed  

  Islam's belated militant and mystical claim on Jerusalem
  The Night Journey in Sura 17  

Jesus and Mohammed
  Jesus and Muhammad: Fifteen Major Differences  
  Insulting and Threatening Jesus and Muhammed  
  Jesus and Muhammad in Bible Prophecy  
  Jesus and Muhammad on Wealth  
  Jesus and Muhammad: Their Roles and Natures  
  Were Jesus and Muhammad Sinless?  

  Did Allah Transform Jews Into Apes and Pigs?  
  God's Wars and Allah's Wars  
  Muhammad and the Jews  
  Muhammad's Atrocity Against the Qurayza Jews  

  Islam, Warlike or Peaceful?     Suicide in Islam  
  Islam, Religion of Peace!?     What Is Jihad? - A Muslim's Perspective  
  Jihad - Islamic Holy War video
  Ayatollah Khameinei in His Own Words     Islam(ists) and Religious World Domination  
  Jihad : Quran 9:123 v. Matthew 10:34     Top Ten Reasons Why Islam Is Not the Religion Of Peace  
  Islamic vs. Christian Crusades     Martyrdom? What a Bargain!  

Law (Sharia)
  Top Ten Reasons Why Sharia (Islamic law) is Bad for All Societies  
  Crucifixion and mutilation? - Just say NO to Islamic law!  
  The Law of Retaliation in the Quran and Early Islam  
  Muhammad's Critics and Their Deaths: Why the West Must Protect Freedom of Speech  
  Muhammad, the Quran, and Prohibition: Islam's Punishments for Drinking and Gambling  
  Flogging and Stoning - Is There a Better Way?  
  Thieves, Give Muhammad a Hand!  
  Why Islam today shuts down freedom of religion: Apostasy in the Quran, Traditions, and Islamic Law  

Meat and Slaughtering Animals
Islam and Meat  

The Night Journey (Miraj)
  The Night Journey in Sura 17  

  Apocryphal gospels in the Quran (Suras 3:37-49; 19:23-26, 29-31; 5:110)  
  Facts vs. revelations in the Quran (Suras 4:157; 37:102; 14:35; 2:127)  
  The Night Journey in Sura 17  
  Saul and Gideon: Revelation or Error? (Sura 2:249)  
  Zul-Qarnain and the Setting Sun in Sura 18:85-86  

  Persecution : Sign of our Times  

Timely Truth About Noah Refutations
  Refutation of Jamal Badawi's tape Series J (package 6)  
  Refutation of Jamal Badawi's tape Series K (package 8)  
  Refutation of Jamal Badawi's tape Series K part-2 (package 9)  
  Rebuttal to al-Jawab as-Sahih part 3: Universality of Mohammed's Prophethood  
  Refutation of Fareed Siddique on Regret  
  Refutation of Fareed Siddique on Saint Paul  
  Islam and Coexistence: What Dr. Habib Siddiqui Should Have Said at Vanderbilt
  Undistinguished Nonsense From a Distinguished Professor (Cherif Bassiouni's Editorial Regarding the Islamic Apostasy Laws)

   Islam and Science      Islam and Medicine      Astronomy and the Qur'an  

  Torment of the Grave  

  Jesus and Muhammad on Wealth  

Women & Marriage
  Women in Islam : Examining Badawi's book Gender Equity In Islam  
  Why Did Mohammed Get So Many Wives?  
  Age of 'Aisha When Mohammed Had Relations With Her  
  Houris, Heavenly Maidens in Islam  
  Refutation of Fareed Siddique on Women  
  Did Mohammed Marry a Nine Year Old Girl video
  Why Did Mohammed Have So Many Wives video
  Domestic Violence in Islam  
  "Plowing fields" and marrying little girls in the Quran  
  Polygamy in the Quran  
  Slave-girls as sexual property in the Quran  
  A Strange Divorce and Remarriage Law in the Quran  
  The truth about Muslim-Christian marriages  
  Top Ten Rules in the Quran that Oppress & Insult Women  
  Women are inferior to men in the Quran  

Zul Qarnain
  Zul-Qarnain and the Setting Sun in Sura 18:85-86  

Articles by James Arlandson

Articles by Daniel Scot

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4 - The Messiah in the Quran Tract form in Word
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6 - The Glorified Messiah in Prophecies Tract form in Word
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8 - The Messiah - His Deity Tract form in Word
9 - The Authenticity of the Bible Tract form in Word
10 - The Straight Path Tract form in Word
11 - Allah-Yahweh Tract form in Word
12 - Jews and Christians in Islam Tract form in Word
13 - Contrasting Jesus and Muhammed Tract form in Word
14 - Islam and Christianity Tract form in Word
15 - Sin Tract form in Word
16 - Truth Deception Tract form in Word
17 - -Jihad Tract form in Word
18 - Dhimmitude Tract form in Word
19 - Women in Islam Tract form in Word
20 - Contradictions in the Qur'an Tract form in Word
21 - The Life of Muhammed Tract form in Word
22 - Sin Judgment and Righteousness Tract form in Word
23 - The Crusades Tract form in Word

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